Ty Classic Beanie Babies: The Dog Collection

Ty-Classic-Dog-Beanie-BabieAdd to your Beanie Baby collection with one of these classic dogs. The classics from the Ty collectibles are such a part of our own childhood, but also a great part of any Beanie Baby toy collection.

The Ty Legacy

Most of us grew up with these charmingly delightful plush animals. Small in size but big in our hearts. The Ty company came up with a revolution when they went to small toys stuffed with little pellets to be able to sit on our shoulders, prop on the top of our favorite toy box or rest together with other toy pals. Now, they are a popular collector’s item.

The Classic Beanie Baby Dogs

The Ty Beanie Baby dogs were great ways for us to enjoy those tiny pets in our worlds. Now they can be added to anyone’s collection. Still inexpensive and available, they don’t require scouring the world to find each of the adorable little toys to complete your collection.

These are some of my favorites in the classic dog series. But you know there are plenty more. Take a look at Ty Classic Dog Beanie Babies to see more including Slush, the Husky dog featured in the top photo.

Dog Lovers and Ty Collections

As a dog lover all my life, I have had Beanie Baby dogs in numerous styles and breeds. I guess that makes me a collector from the time I was young. My collection still includes many of the classics, but I am always on the look out for additions. After all, I figure I can never have too many of these charming little toys.

So far, I haven’t run out of room in my large display case. But there may come a time. I keep a look out for interesting ways to display my Ty classic beanie babies collection.

Easy Gift Ideas for Young and Old

Since we seem to be always looking for gift ideas, toy collectors would love to have an addition to their collection as a gift. Even if you aren’t sure which toy to pick, you can always chose something to assist their collection. A riser or stand for displaying part of their collection makes a great gift. For Beanie Baby Dog collectors, you could go with a dog house to help them display their toys.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I love all beanie babies, but the dogs are definitely among my favorites!

    I will never forget when beanie babies were first introduced and the long lines I stood in just to be able to buy 3 for my children. We were limited on how many we could buy at one time because they were in such huge demand.

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