Ty Beanie Baby Sock Monkeys

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Ty-Beanie-Baby-Sock-MonkeysCollecting Ty Beanie Babies is a popular and fun hobby for many people. Add one or more of these charming sock monkeys to your own collection. They make great gift ideas for collectors and children alike. Displaying your Beanie Babies can be easy, too. You can set them where ever you like. They need no extra support or display materials. A shelf, the top of furniture, even your bed works.

Traditional Sock Monkey Beanie Baby

The original and traditional sock monkey was first created using grey socks. That’s one of the reasons why I love this charming guy. He has that perfect look from the original. Just in the traditional small size of the world of Beanie Babies.

These little sock monkeys do come in many other colors and color combinations, but the grey one holds a special place in my collection. He should probably be at least included in yours, if not honored within your Beanie Baby collection.

Other Colors and Variations

The world of Ty has had some fun creating varieties of Beanie Babies in the sock monkey style. That makes it fun to collect them all, or just have some in your toy collection. Here are just a few of the color combinations you can get for yourself, or as a gift.

Beanie Baby Collectibles

For me, my toy collections are not for the investment value, but for my own fun value. So I don’t look for the original in original packaging. Nor does it matter to me if they are the rarest available. I chose Beanie Babies that I like and like to have in my collection.

If you like to collect the originals, your best chance for finding them is through online auction houses like eBay. If you want the rare Beanie Babies, you can find them at Rare Ty Beanie Babies. But, be sure to order all the ones you want quickly. They are rare for a reason so there are limited numbers of them.

Fun Hobby Availability

Luckily for me, and for those of you who collect Beanie Babies just for fun, there are plenty of choices available. The Ty toy company is continuing to make many of them. Oh, yes, they have retired some of the animals and designs, but there are still many, many that we can get easily. That makes a fun hobby for us toy collectors and especially nice for collecting sock monkeys.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh, these are so cute! I have always loved sock monkeys and I have always adored beanie babies, so it simply follows that I would be thrilled about beanie baby sock monkeys.

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