Retro Wind-Up Robots

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Wind-Up-Retro-RobotsIf you are a collector of, or interested in, retro toys, wind-up toys or robots, you will surely be interested in these charming robots with wind-up parts. All are designed in from the mid-century time when robotics were all the rage and battery-operated toys were a thing of the future.

Retro Toy Collecting

Many adults remember the toys they played with as children, their favorites and their beloved ones. Some may remember getting the those old toys out of Gramma’s attic, toys their own parents played with as children. Collecting those delightful and unique toys from the past is fun and rewarding hobby. It’s a popular hobby and has been for years.

Retro Wind-Up Robots


These are some of my favorite wind-up toys from days gone by. As a kid, I was fascinated by mechanical things and how they worked. Turns out I inherited that trait from my father. He gave me a number of interesting wind-up robots thinking I would take the apart to learn how they worked. Instead, I was more intrigued by winding them all up and watching them run all over the floor. Yes, for this kid, it was hours of great entertainment.

Toy Reproductions or Toy Originals

My own wind-up toy collection is not for the investment, but for my own enjoyment, but there are many people who look for the original version of the toys. Those that were manufactured during that era, not reproductions manufactured today. For some it’s the investment, for others it’s the fun of the hunt and acquisition. For you, the online auction houses, like eBay are great options for you. When you find what you are looking for, bid quickly and keep an eye on the bidding. You might find the perfect toy for your collection.

Find More Choices

You may want to see more choices of these unique and fun toys for collectors. Take a look at Retro Wind-Up Robots to see more of them. If you collect just for the joy of remembering how much fun you had as a child, you will find plenty to pick from. Then start or add to your own collection.

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