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Lego-Minecraft-Collectible-The world of Lego is a great one to capture our attention. With Lego Minecraft Sets you can create a whole world built around the popular video game. Minecraft and Lego have teamed up to bring the play to a physical level rather than just the video screen. A fun activity for both kids and adults, as well as ideal for collectors of the Lego world.

Lego Minecraft: Creating the Biome

Just as in the video game, the Lego Minecraft world helps you build and create the biome – the world of the villagers. You have many options for the sets and can combine, recombine and add to each set to come up with your own fun world.

Beware the Zombies and Bombs

Because any video game isn’t complete without threats, Minecraft has them too. Zombies plague the villagers and bombs can off underground to blow up walls. Lego Minecraft sets certainly didn’t skim on the threats either.

The Lego Minecraft sets include removable walls to play the bomb effects. But, you will need to get your Zombies separately. Some of the sets will include characters from the Minecraft world to add to the full effect.

Rebuilding with Lego Sets

All the Lego Minecraft sets allow you to make multiple variations of the world in the set. Just like in the video game. As a collector, you may enjoy rebuilding, but you might also prefer to set up one variation and add it to your display.

None of these sets are large. They have very tiny pieces. So they clearly aren’t designed for young children. Older children who can handle the small pieces will enjoy the Lego Minecraft sets just as much as adults. Add in more of your own Lego pieces to take these sets even further.

The End Result

By the time you put together the available sets for Lego Minecraft, you can have a full world of fun. Since the sets are not large, they can be displayed easily. If you enjoy creating with Lego or the Mindcraft game, you will certainly enjoy the world of Lego Minecraft.

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  1. Barb says:

    I have two grandsons who already love Legos and are old enough to enjoy these Minecraft sets. My Christmas list is filling out! Thanks to you I get so many good ideas.

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