Collecting Classic Toys: The Fun of It

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Collecting-Classic-ToysThere are two reasons for collecting classic toys. Either for the investment or for the fun of it. The fun of it is my reason. The toys that made me happy as a child, the toys that my grandparents had in their attics, even the toys that I never knew about. All are great toys to collect just for the fun of it.

Playing with Classic Toys

I admit it. I do enjoy playing with some of the toys that I collect. There are toys that have moving parts. The wind-up toys that I found in gramma’s attic are available as working replicas today. But, there are more toys that have play ability.

Building toys are another favorite. Especially sets that end up building a part of a village or community. Wooden building blocks often make up pioneer villages. There are also Lego-style building sets that will create castles, futuristic planets or full game replicas. Building these toys to create a collection of locations or communities is another fun aspect of collecting classic toys.

Collecting Classic Toys for Display

There are plenty of toys that work best as displays only. Their play ability is limited. Things like plush toys, action figures, or dolls work best as displays. The fun of these collections is in seeing them in beautiful display cases set in appropriate places.

Stand back and admire your own collection of classic toys. There is great fun in that. Often, I am so proud of all the different types of toys I have in one collection.

Some times, the fun is locating a whole collection. Gathering together all the versions that were made. This can take some digging. Searching out auctions, garage sales and online sources. But, the search can be the fun part of collecting classic toys.

The Investment Side of Collecting Classic Toys

If you prefer to have a collection of toys just for the investment value, then you have some work ahead of you. First, you are speculating that the toys will increase in value. For many classic toys this can be the case. But, you need to know which ones, or be willing to guess.

Typically, the most valuable are the toys that are in original condition and original packaging. That can be expense to purchase when you want classic toys. Also, typically, the older the toys, the more value they have.

This is something to do your homework with. Before you purchase a toy for investing, learn what the prices are. You don’t want to over spend then not be able to sell your classic toy for a profit. When you can find a deal below current prices, all the better.

Whether you are collecting classic toys for investment or just for the fun of it, make sure it’s pleasurable. That’s what toys are for, after all.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I am definitely a collector for the fun of it!

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