Build Your Own Robotic Toy Kits

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Build-Your-Own-Robotics-KitCollecting robotic toys is a great hobby for many. But, building your own robotic toy is both fun and a challenge. These building kits are a good addition to any robotic toy collection. Create a transforming monster, all-terrain vehicles, even a robotic arm.

All-Terrain Vehicle Robotic Toy Kits

I just couldn’t help falling for these vehicle kits. What a fun way to make your own robotic toys. Of course they work, so your toy collection can be action oriented. These are always ones that set in motion when I’m showing off my robotic toy collection to anyone who will stand still and watch. Or anyone I can corner.


Robotic Arm Toy Kit

This one fascinated me. If you like anything robotic, you will certainly enjoy this robotic arm. The fun of building it yourself makes it even more valuable in your collection. It even has remote control powers so you can work it just like a manufacturing machine. It was suggested to me that I make two of them and have robotic arm wrestling. Even though I didn’t follow that suggestion, you may want to.


Transforming Robot Kits

If you or your children got into the Transformers world, this one may be just what you want. Build your own robotic toy that transforms from it’s original shape into two other robots, including at tank.

This kit is a tricky one with many small parts as you would imagine. Be careful with putting this together so you don’t break any of the tiny pieces that you need to complete the robotic toy. When you do take care, you will have a great addition to your robotic toy collection.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    These kits look like a whole lot of fun, both building and playing. I have no doubt my son would love these kits!

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